A Greener Fleet

As the focus on carbon emission reduction grows, Flannery Plant Hire has taken another step towards running a greener fleet. As an environmentally aware company, introducing multiple Electric Vehicles (EV’s) is just part of our commitment to reduce our impact on emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. After carrying out a survey of our Staff members, on average they travel 28-38 miles a day in the course of their work. After carrying out research, this distance is perfectly suited for the electric vehicle model.

Starting with lesser maintenance costs, the financial benefits of this shift are extremely positive. For example, the residual value of a vehicle using diesel after 3 years was, at maximum, 45%. Electric vehicles on the other hand, came to around 60-65% residual value. Although this is favourable news, we would still have to retain a few diesel vehicles to accommodate long-distance journeys. However with electric vehicle technology advancing at a swift pace, we don’t anticipate it will be long before EV’s can fulfil all of our business needs.

Charging points are another welcome addition to the Flannery sites. After studying frequently visited areas of the UK, it became apparent that the infrastructure for electric vehicles just did not meet our desired standard. A handful of high profile landmarks did not have a single charging point, making it simply impractical to deploy a fleet of this type without chargers of our own.

At the moment, we have two preferences for the ideal vehicle: The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and the Jaguar I-Pace. Although both have their pros and cons, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a hybrid and therefore offers the greater flexibility for our type of work. Feedback from Team Members using these vehicles has been extremely positive and it has been rewarding to see their total buy in of this initiative. We hope to transform the majority of our fleet within 3 years and, judging by the feedback received from our trial vehicles, expect a much smoother driving experience for our staff.