Flannery Plant hire will always prioritise safety on site, and we are constantly innovating our plant and training offerings in order to do all we can to ensure that both those operating, and anybody within close access of our machines, are going home safely at the end of each day.

For the last 30 years, Spillard Safety Systems have been working to provide visibility aids for construction machinery. They have worked closely with companies like Flannery to develop ways to tackle the safety issues with People Plant Interface (PPI) and identified a risk of humans entering ‘blind spots’ when machines are in operation.

This resulted in them working with their suppliers to develop a form of artificial intelligence that specifically detects the human form. This is a camera system that is designed to relay live information to the machine operator when an individual has encroached into the pre-defined ‘red zone’, but to also sound a directional external audible alarm that can be heard by the individual approaching that dedicated area. The aim of this is to give operators a system that they can rely on and to show them exactly where a person may have encroached. This is now being used across the Morgan Sindall Infrastructure A11 site.

Read more about this innovative piece of safety equipment in the case study below now.