Our Vision

In a rapidly changing industry Flannery Plant Hire continues to demonstrate its ability to invest in the latest technology and fleet. Being proactive in seeking the best solutions for our customers means that Flannery consistently deliver efficiencies and services first, ensuring excellence for all of our customers.

Our Values

The Flannery values describe and identify our company culture and offer a set of long-held principles which drive our decisions and the way we do business.

Safety: We continuously build on our safety culture, seek new ways to improve our practices and work with the industry to raise the bar.

Sustainability & Innovation: We innovate by challenging the norms which means our customers work more efficiently and responsibly.

Value: Our breadth and depth of solutions, operators and cutting edge plant means our customers complete their job in the smartest way.

People: People are at the heart of our business and enable us to provide exceptional service which keeps our customers coming back.