In the Spotlight - Amalia Bercea, FORS Practitioner

The FORS Practitioner Course is a guided discovery programme covering multiple aspects of transport company management, from learning how to implement policies to maintaining driver training and monitoring fleet performance.

It was refreshing to see a new point of view in regards to the most common concerns in the transport industry, such as environmental impact, reducing fuel use and managing noise in logistics.

Being as it is the beginning of my journey into transport compliance, I am truly enthusiastic to enrich my knowledge and to always be up to date with the latest developments. Over the duration of my course, I was pleasantly surprised to find FORS provided a wealth of support through their learning program with an accessible variety of toolkits and training.

After achieving my FORS Practitioner accreditation, I realised the importance of being thoughtful, safety oriented and transparent – vital skills needed to help further my career.