Flannery continue to work with the the world leaders in machinery production to keep our fleet up-to-date and in line with the latest manufacturing standards.

A key player in these partnerships is our continued close relationship with Bell Equipment. We now have over 50 Bell Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT) to offer and have recently invested in Bell Water Tankers to work on multiple groundworks projects across the UK. With 10 tankers now on offer, ours is now the largest fleet of Bell Water Tankers in Europe to date.

Bell Water Tanker

These new tankers are currently working on the HS2 Lichfield site, helping to manage the access of water to keep work moving through the winter.

Senior Plant Coordinator, Liam Hills, commented:

“Our fleet of Bell Articulated Dump Trucks are in great demand and they simply never let us down. We were confident the water tankers would prove to be equally productive and so far, they have, particularly on sites such as Lichfield where the ground conditions can be challenging. They are currently working seven days a week without any issue at all, and without them we would struggle to keep the project on track”.

You can read more on our Bell Equipment fleet on their website here.