Flannery Plant Hire are extremely proud to be the first hirer to order the unique dual view dumper from Wacker Neuson. The sixty-unit order of the brand new DV60 (six tonne dumper) and DV90 (nine tonne dumper) demonstrates the hirers commitment to operator and construction site safety.

The innovative dual view dumper trucks are primarily designed to operate as a rear tipping dumper. When driving forward this gives an operator a much-improved field of vision with very few blind spots (when comparing to a forward tipping dumper). The entire seat operating console can be quickly and conveniently changed through 180-degree rotation. This always gives the operator a perfect view in the direction of travel – during transport, loading and unloading. When in reverse speed is automatically reduced to further improve safety.

Flannery Managing Director, Patrick Flannery said: “We aspire to lead the way in the equipment hire industry and feel strongly that the best way to do this is keep people safe and embrace innovation and change as it comes along. We are committed to phasing out forward tipping larger dumpers and see this innovation as the start of that process”.

When the dual view range was launched at Hillhead earlier this year it was clear to us that it offers considerable safety advantages onsite. The fact that these machines offers 90% more visibility in the operator’s field of vision than is required to comply with ISO 5006:2017 is an obvious advantage.

Aside from these advantages the ability to rotate the operator station avoids time-consuming turning and manoeuvring onsite, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Aside from the OPS guard on the skip and ROPS and FOPS Level II cabs, Flannery machines will also be equipped with rear-view cameras and a proximity detection system at our request to ensure we have done all we can to avoid blind spots for operators. Patrick continued.

Kevin Ranshaw Market Development Manager from Wacker Neuson UK commented “We have developed the DV-range together with customers from a variety of markets in response to a very common concern. With our solution we have completely redesigned the topic of safety in this segment and it is great to see early adopters like Flannery Plant Hire engaging with the product and taking it to market.”

If your site or project would like to talk about the introduction of the dual view dumper, talk to Chris Matthew on 0208 900 9290.