Flannery is working hard behind the scenes to ensure our customers stay safe at all times. During this period of change, it is particularly important for us to support the construction sector, encourage new entrants to the industry and show why construction is a sustainable and stable career. Flannery invests heavily into developing and improving skills across our people. We are proud to drive fairness and equality in our industry and to encourage more women to choose a career in construction.

Pivotal to the success of all our training efforts is the Flannery Training Team: Sophie, Roberta, Polly, Bhanu and Jacqui. Over the past few months, these five ladies have been busy supporting our all operators working onsite every day, maintaining our operator database and organising familiarisation and up-skilling courses. The training team at Flannery is one of the many groups of people tasked with not only managing Flannery’s huge team of existing operators but also invest much of their time in supporting the latest recruits via the new Plant Operator Trailblazer scheme.

To find out more about this team we popped in to ask them some questions.

     –  The obvious, but most important question: What does the Flannery training department do?

We support the Health and Safety Department. Manage fit to work medicals, Inductions, Airport compliance, Engagement forms, CSCS cards for fitters and employees, CPCS cards for operators and self-employed staff, Approved Supplier Management, PPE Procurement, Replenishment & Management, Course Bookings as well as General training queries. We are busy bees!

     –  Constant support is the basis of the department’s work. How does this support extend to operators and clients?

Roberta: We look after our apprentices’ needs as well as arranging new training for operators to improve their onsite knowledge and safety. Our responsibility is to make sure that they are ready and support them every day.

Jacqui: We provide support with in-house training and familiarisation assessments to ensure all equipment is operated correctly in compliance with H&S obligations. We also offer this to our self-drive customers and ensure their operators’ competency is up to date while offering training and development where required.

Sophie: Our customers recognise the high standard of training developed by the Flannery in-house CPC trainers and such request our trainers to go and support them with their staff and ensure compliance with People Plant Interface, Loadmaster and Dual View Dumper familiarisation to name a few, because our training is deemed to be top-notch.

     –  All of us are very excited about the upcoming apprenticeship intake. Could you tell us more about this program, why it is important and for whom?

Sophie: We have put a huge amount of effort into creating this new apprentice standard. We collaborated with existing clients, industry peers and the CPA to create this apprenticeship programme based on the previous feedback and retention rates. This has helped us adapt and improve future apprenticeships and ensure young people are fully equipped and ready coming into the industry. This training is very useful for new starters because it is something entirely new and specifically adapted for them. Also, the apprentices will be the first in the industry to have the opportunity to earn these qualifications.

Jacqui:  Flannery is investing in people. It is important to ensure that we have a continual supply of experienced operators for our future projects.

–  What have you found most challenging in your work?

Roberta: For me personally, the challenge is that every day I have something new. I do enjoy it because I learn from it constantly.

Bhanu: I agree with Roberta, every day something different comes up and you must deal with it. It is brilliant. I think every day is challenging for me. Thanks to this, I am never bored at my job, and I love it.

     –  In 2019 the National Association of Women in Construction reported that around 9% of the workforce are women. The Flannery training department is a team of five women and as a business, we are proud to be breaking stereotypes and working to bring more women into construction. How do you think more women could be encouraged to work in construction?

Bhanu: When we speak about the construction industry, the job will always be there, no matter what global challenges are happening. If I had the chance to tell all women about the work in construction, I would say: whatever a man does, women can do 100% of it.

Jacqui: I reckon it is more about managing the perception that the construction industry is physically demanding and male-dominated. We need to spread the equal opportunities vibe; we need to make it more appealing. For example, educating the public about the opportunities and promoting the women we do have working as operators who are very successful. Women are just as capable as men in construction and promoting our female role models during open days, careers days or school days, and getting our female operators out there is really positive and important.

Sophie: The landscape is changing at the moment. We are seeing more and more women joining the industry. We need to show them that it is a great option for women, and then break down stereotypes surrounding what sort of atmosphere they are going to have. In the future perhaps female grants for construction work can be awarded by the government to encourage women to get into the industry through scholarships.

     –  What is the best bit of your job at Flannery?

Bhanu: My job is the best because we have different things to deal with on a daily basis. That is the best bit for me, it keeps me busy all the time. I look forward to coming to work every day.

Jacqui: No two days are the same. It is demanding. It is challenging. And I love it!

To watch us in action, find all our training videos here