What has been your favourite machine?

So far, I am finding them all enjoyable as it is a learning curve, so everything is exciting.

What did you do prior to joining the programme and why did you choose to take this career change?

My previous job was a line manager for the second biggest crisp manufacturer in UK and Ireland. I chose to leave my role as I wanted to progress in life, push the boundaries and step out my comfort zone as I believe I got to the end of the progression in the factory and wanted to be working outside also.

What are your aspirations for the future?

My aspirations for the future are to work with and around Flannery for the large majority of my career and to gain as much experience as possible on as many types of machinery as I can. In the future I’d like to take up some form of trainer role in the company or for a college as I would like to pass my knowledge and experience on to future generations.

What job are you currently working on and what type of work are you doing?

I am currently driving a 3-tonne forward tipping dumper, working with Thames Water on a major water pipe repair. This is basic dumper work – being loaded by an excavator and dumping off rubble, stone and muck to clear the access area so a grab can collect easily.

What has been your most exciting placement and why?

I don’t have a favourite placement because all jobs have pros and cons but, every day is different which keeps you on your toes and also makes the jobs a lot more enjoyable. There is never a dull day or time to be bored!

Why did you choose Flannery as your apprentice employer?

At first, I chose to apply for a Flannery apprenticeship because of my best friend who has 15+ experience working in construction and with the company, so helping him on small jobs and being around machinery always gave me a taste of what I wanted in the future.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

At first, joining Flannery I was very sceptical due to not knowing much about the construction industry and being out my comfort zone, but once I found my feet and started working with people around Flannery, they made me feel like I’d been working with the company for years.

I can only say good words about the company and also very thankful because they helped me through personal experiences without asking questions or applying pressure potentially making my experiences a lot harder.

I believe they are a company that put their staff first and foremost before anything, they try to make every experience pleasant and worthwhile.

So here’s to many more years with the company.