This week we will launch our new telematics software to customers. The bespoke dashboard provides consolidated data for customers and has been developed by us with our new technology partner MachineMax.

Patrick Flannery, Managing Director commented, “As a business it is really important to us that we support our clients in finding the best value hire solution. For us the strategic route to this had to be data-led and managed in as close to real-time as possible. MachineMax have, throughout our selection process proved that they understand the value of data and have a system which provides enough flexibility to meet the complex demands of a typical construction site.

The MachineMax proposition and our experience of developing the Flannery dashboard with them over the past few months leaves us feeling very excited about launching this system to clients. They have brought a wealth of useful experience from the heavy equipment sector and a solution that will support our customers to improve productivity, eliminate excessive idling and cut down emissions.”

Amit Rai, CEO said, “We are extremely excited to be able to announce our partnership with Flannery. It has been a privilege to work with such a pioneering and innovative company who understands how to harness the power of data to get the most out of their equipment and enhance customer experience.

We consider this a long-term collaborative partnership and look forward to working together to collectively define industry best practises and push the boundaries on how data is consumed and provided to customers to get the most out of the equipment whilst on site.”

The use of telematics is not new to Flannery, over the last four years we have been working closely with customers to develop functional and consolidated data that helps them make informed decisions about their hire fleet. Understanding of the practical use of this data and experience from previous trials has fed the development of this, new dashboard. The new solution is a more intuitive platform from which fuel, emissions and idle time can be managed more effectively to drive behavioural change onsite.

Shweta Saxena, CPO of MachineMax comments, “With Flannery being a market leader in the UK, it has been great to tap into their deep industry knowledge to co-create a solution which works both for them and their customers. Their progressive mindset and digital vision have resulted in a user centric design, providing a seamless user experience which will change the way in which they interact with their customers.”

Chris Matthew, Strategic Manager from Flannery explains, “The real value-add for us is that it can help us to manage overuse and under use of machines, allowing us to reallocate in a timely manner where appropriate. It also helps us to focus on operators and where there maybe training opportunities for us to deliver appropriate “upskilling” modules (Flannery developed ECO-Training for example).

Going forwards we will be working collaboratively with MachineMax and our clients to develop phase two of this project which is more keenly focused on the dashboards use in Production Management. Trails are underway to consolidate the fantastic data already available on our larger equipment and we look forward to sharing feedback and developments over the coming months.”