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OperateSAFE: our new Safety Champion!

Every second month Flannery H&S team nominates a Health & Safety Champion. This award goes to the individuals who demonstrate an excellent understanding of the OperateSAFE Golden Rules and show great collaboration with their peers and managers.

Today we spotlight Akin, our Plant Fitter based in Wembley depot as our Fourth Health and Safety Champion, who supports a great safety-first attitude in his everyday work.

We asked Akin a few questions about what he enjoys the most about his job and what makes him the happiest person in the world.

Tell us about yourself, how did you join the industry?

I joined the UK construction industry in 2008 and went through many plant hire companies. Since I joined the Flannery team, I feel that I am on a completely new level in my career. Being a part of the highly qualified team and having an opportunity to work with the most innovative plant ā€“ what can be better?

Why do you think you have been nominated as our Health and Safety Champion?

It feels great to be nominated as an H&S champion! I believe it is because I do my best to follow all safety procedures and I always make sure to ask for help or advice if Iā€™m ever unsure about a process or technique. That way I can be sure my job is completed as safely as possible.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

It is never boring here, every day is different, every day you have a new challenge, and you need to find the right solution for it. I like it!

A random fact you could share with us.

I like to discover how different mechanisms operate: a camera, a watch or a computer. Give me a photo lens and I can spend hours dismantling it for parts and discovering how this technology works and how it makes a good quality photograph.

You are the happiest person when…

When I spend time with my baby boy ā€“ it makes me feel like the happiest person ever. We celebrated his first birthday a month ago!