Flannery Plant Hire have introduced a new innovation designed to transport plant safely.

By September 2022, there had been six instances of ‘roll aways’ across the UK and Europe on HGV transporters. Sadly, one of these resulted in the death of the HGV driver.

With this in mind, Flannery have further innovated our transport fleet by fitting an automatic handbrake system to all of our HGVs. Whilst we have the utmost faith in our wonderful team of drivers, this gives a failsafe in case the cab is left without the handbrake being applied. This system automatically applies the handbrake in these instances, avoiding any risks caused by it not being deployed.

All the driver then has to do is to manually reset the device when re-entering the cab, then they can drive the vehicle as normal. At Flannery, we do an average of 54,000 plant movements a year across both collections and deliveries. That’s a lot of one-off applications of the handbrake, which is why we felt that this device was important to not only keep our drivers safe, but to keep everybody we connect with and members of the public safe too.

Safety will always be the most important element of the job to us so, as John says in the below explanation video, ‘this was a no brainer, we didn’t have to think twice about it – and nor should anybody else’.

Watch how the auto-handbrake system works here: