These single drum models are used for medium to heavy compaction work. Equipped with VARIOCONTROL, these are well suited to compaction on motorways or railway tracks.


BOMAG single drum rollers are true climbing masters. The D-version already gives gradeability of up to 53 percent. On this model, manual slip control provides specific adjustment to ground conditions. The rear axles are equipped with a No Spin differential with automatic locking up to 100 percent. This means continued forward drive, even if one wheel leaves the ground.


Cut your cost per cubic meter with VARIOCONTROL; the drum vibrates purely linearly instead of on a circular path. Amplitude can be adjusted manually or automatically. With sensitivity when close to vulnerable structures, or with full compaction power: maximum quality is always guaranteed with minimum passes.


The smart ECOMODE speed control not only saves up to 30 percent fuel, but also produces less noise. And with the ECOSTOP, the engine is shut down automatically after a defined period in idle speed. This also reduces fuel consumption and wear.

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