Fast cycle times are no problem with the CX145D SR due to the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System with its multiple sensors and large control valve. It’s a sturdy yet manoeuvrable excavator that gives the operator great all-round visibility and a comfortable, quiet cab. Advanced telematics and the fuel-efficient engine all contribute to the overall performance and productivity of this very reliable machine.


Visibility is excellent and on-site safety easy with the CX145D SR’s panoramic windows, and 360 and side view cameras. The cab is ROPS and FOPS approved and pressurised to help reduce operator fatigue.


The new electronically controlled hydraulic pumps and a bigger main valve on the Case CX145D delivers faster cycle times.

Oil flow can be adjusted according to working needs, or increased smoothly whilst starting travel and boom down. As a result, the CX145D’s responsiveness to operation load is multiplied, resulting in cycle times up to 12% faster than the previous generation.


The CX145D SR excavator meets Stage IV Final emissions standards. It needs no diesel or particulate filters due to the advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction, cooled gas exhaust recirculation and diesel oxidation catalyst components. Case advanced energy management provides solid fuel saving opportunities and lower emissions. Equipped with auto-idle function and idle shutdown.

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