CAT 12M Series 3

M Series 3

Flannery Added Value & Options

  • 360 Camera

    Our innovative systems utilise wide angled cameras, secured to each side of the machine. The images are continually processed and digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a seamless 360° ‘Birds Eye View’ on the LCD monitor in the cab. This ensures the operator can see hazards all around the machine.

  • GPS / Machine Control

    GPS and machine control will help you to take the guesswork out of earthworks. From weighing payload to 3D auto dig to an earthworks model, talk to us about how we can help you work smarter, faster and more profitably.

  • Green Beacon

    Flannery visual seat belt engagement green beacons are hard wired and also act as a secondary dead-man device so that the machine will not operate if the seat belt has not been fastened.

  • Hi-Viz Handrails

    Flannery introduced high visibility handrails and steps to support operators and engineers in gaining safe access to cabs and service points. They encourage three-points of contact and use of the correct steps / footplates.

  • Telematics

    Take control of your hire fleet. The Flannery bespoke dashboard provides a consolidated view of your fleet, from all manufacturers. The telematics data allows you to map machines, view utilisation and fuel usage helping you to improve the efficiency of your hire fleet.

Flannery’s latest investment brings the latest technology in CAT motor graders to the UK. The 12M motor grader represents a revolution in operational efficiency, visibility, service ease and overall productivity, setting the new standard and building on the legacy of high quality you can trust. The M Series 3 brings the latest emissions reduction technology to the most durable, productive and comfortable motor graders on the market.


M Series 3 Safety Features:
• Optional rearview camera with in-cab monitor
• New optional seat belt indicator light reminds
operator to fasten safety belt
• Grouped, ground level service points
• Laminated front window glass
• Optional LED Lighting
• Ground-level electrical disconnect switch
• Ground-level engine shutoff switch
• Anti-glare paint eases night operation
• Optional front and rear fenders


The 12M is considered a ‘Smart Machine’ through its integration of all the core systems creating a common data platform which can be used centrally (b0th on-board and via a cloud based link) to ensure optimisation and reporting ability in real time. This ensures the maximum productive time on site.


Fuel Efficiency:
• Integrated machine systems and technologies improve productivity for greater accuracy, allowing the machine to do more work
per gallon of fuel.
• New Economy Mode feature allows the machine to work in the most efficient engine speed range to help reduce fuel use.

Green House Gas Emissions:
• Reduced fuel consumption means reduced CO2 emissions.
• M Series 3 Motor Graders meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards.

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