Good road conditions are key to extending truck life, reducing maintenance, lowering fuel costs and reducing tire damage. As a result, cycle times are improved and more ore is produced at a lower cost. The 16M3 includes features that optimize operating cost reduction, uptime and performance improvements as well as enhanced safety for your operations.


Good visibility is key to your safety and efficiency. The large windows and enhanced design of the rear frame provides exceptional visibility and additional clearance between moldboard and rear tires. A rear vision camera is available to enhance your sight lines to the rear of the machine.


Two electro-hydraulic joysticks require up to 78% less hand and wrist movement than conventional lever controls for greatly enhanced operator comfort and efficiency. The intuitive control pattern allows both new and experienced operators to quickly become productive. Electronically adjustable control pods help position joysticks for optimal comfort, visibility and proper operation.


Standard CAT Grade Control Cross Slope improves operator productivity, as well as saving fuel and wear and tear on the machine. The need for grade checking crews on the ground is eliminated which has the added benefit of increasing site safety.

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