In tight spaces, the 325F L’s highly efficient engine and state-of-the-art hydraulics combine to make it hard to beat on performance. Its smooth, controlled power allows operators to move tons of material, all day, with speed, confidence and precision. The operator’s cab is safe and comfortable, and machine technology brilliantly designed to provide information, support and control, right where it’s most needed.


Vibration and noise are limited to help protect operator wellbeing in the 325F L’s cab, and it is ROPS certified for safety. Large windows provide the operator with excellent visibility, while the 360-view camera and mirrors to help manage site safety.


In the 325F L’s negative flow control hydraulic system the pump and valve operate in harmony with very little energy usage or wear and tear. It’s electronically controlled, smoother and more responsive than a traditional hydraulic control system.


The EU Sage III(B) emissions standard engine is powerful and fuel efficient and can run on biodiesel if the machine is working near a water course or in an environmentally sensitive area.

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