The 329E CAT excavator is designed to efficiently move heavy loads fast and accurately. It uses a high-pressure system to maximise hydraulic horsepower – the actual power that reaches the tools. When the boom lowers an Electric Boom Regeneration Valve minimises flow to give maximum controllability and lower operating costs. It can also maintain a constant speed regardless of load due to the engine speed control system.


The operator monitor is equipped with an alarm to warn of critical events, the cab is ROPS standard, there are anti-skid foot plates and visibility is optimised.


The Engine Shutdown Setting on the 329E’s control panel allows the operator to specify how long the machine can idle before shutting down the engine – this can save a significant amount of fuel.


The 329E has a Stage IV compliant engine and a Bio-Diesel ready fuel system. It can regenerate automatically during machine operation, without interrupting work process.

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