The 352F has three power modes to make machine productivity as efficient as possible, and to actively manage fuel consumption. For extra durability, the lower frame is reinforced and all the track shoes, links, rollers, idlers and final drives are built with high-tensile-strength steel. The hydraulics are constructed for smoother operation and greater efficiency – the components are close together, and the main control valve puts the flow where it’s needed most.


The comfortable cab on the 352F is ROPS standard and quiet to help reduce operator fatigue. The LED monitor is programmable in 42 languages so every operator can respond quickly to critical machine alerts.


Electric boom and stick regeneration keeps oil flow in the right place for higher controllability and productivity. Grade Control, AccuGrade and ProductLink technology can be used to boost accuracy and fuel-efficiency.


The C13 ACERT engine meets Stage IV Final emissions standards. The emissions package works constantly behind the scenes without disrupting activity.

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