Extreme weather conditions and the toughest terrains are no obstacle to the productivity and versatility of the 390F L. It’s built to endure heavy loads for hours on end and provides the operator with a safe and comfortable cab environment. Wide seats with suspension, climate control and adjustable control positions all help reduce operator fatigue and assist with productivity. Technologically, the 390F L is advanced and responsive, with production management and payload weighing systems, GRADE targeting and machine diagnostics available.


Excellent visibility is provided by the all-round windows, and the 360-view cameras. A panoramic rear view automatically displays on the monitor during reverse travel, helping keep everyone on site safe.


CAT Production Measurement enables operators to weigh loads ‘on the go’ as the boom swings, with no interruption to the loading cycle.


Advanced sustainability elements include the Stage IV compliant engine, Biodiesel compatibility and Link technologies to analyse and modify fuel consumption.

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