So versatile it can be used in heavy construction, forestry and on mine sites, the legacy of the D9 speaks for itself. It can log more than 100,000 hours using the same frame with only minor repairs, making it an efficient and productive ingredient in any heavy plant requirement. Operator wellbeing is paramount, so the roomy cab is equipped with safety and environmental controls, not to mention electronic communication and machine monitoring tools. With automated blade assist, auto carry and adaptive load select options it is also easy for even new operators to learn to use productively.


Safety is a top priority for the Caterpillar designers and the D9 has it considered from all angles. There is lighting at entry and exit points, steps and guardrails, anchorage points and an ‘operator not present’ monitoring system-built in.


The D9 cab has been carefully designed to minimise noise and operator stress and fatigue, and the information display screen helps maximise productivity. The elevated sprocket design transfers implement shock loads to the mainframe, which with the suspended undercarriage results in a smoother ride for the operator and further all-round higher productivity.


Powered by the CAT CI8 engine, the D9 meets the most stringent Stage IV emission criteria and is suitable for use on practically all projects across the globe.

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