The short tail swing on the ZX135U-6 makes it the perfect choice for jobs where space is limited. The powerful hydraulics are strengthened by a rubber hose and flange connection in the return pipes to reduce risk of leaks and damage. Its powerful tilting force and excellent stability make it a reliable machine in urban, forestry or construction/demolition sites. It is also exceptionally tough and engineered to work in challenging environments with no reduction in productivity.


With a white noise reversing alarm fitted as standard and a green beacon that acts as a secondary dead-man device this machine helps to manage risk onsite and keep people safe.


Super-efficient engine cooling can occur due to the expansions tank being mounted on top of the engine’s cooling system, which means that air can be completely removed.


The Stage IV emissions compliant engine benefits from the addition of a Selective Catalytic Reduction system that injects urea into exhaust gas to considerably reduce NOx outputs.

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