Hitachi ZX350LC-7 

Exceptionally efficient and versatile, the brand-new ZX350-7 will enable you to reduce your running costs and increase profits. Thanks to the refined design of the cab, it gives you the power to perform productively, with ease and reduced fatigue.

Flannery Added Value & Options

  • 360 Camera

    Our innovative systems utilise wide angled cameras, secured to each side of the machine. The images are continually processed and digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a seamless 360° ‘Birds Eye View’ on the LCD monitor in the cab. This ensures the operator can see hazards all around the machine.

  • Bio Oil

    Bio oil is excellent if you are working near a water course or in an area of environmental sensitivity. Using biodegradable oil will help to minimise pollution in the case of oil leaks, for example hydraulic hose failures.

  • Telematics

    Take control of your hire fleet. The Flannery bespoke dashboard provides a consolidated view of your fleet, from all manufacturers. The telematics data allows you to map machines, view utilisation and fuel usage helping you to improve the efficiency of your hire fleet.


    Ensures that the machine has been tested to declare the structure as protective in the event of a “Roll-Over” or “Falling-Object.” Roll-over Protective Structures (ROPS) & Falling-Object Protective Structures (FOPS).

  • Height & Slew Restrictor

    These systems ensures that plant works within user defined adjustable limits by producing a simple audible warning or a motion cut option. Ideal for confined sites or sites where there are instructions in the working zone, for example on infrastructure jobs where machines are working next to live carriageways.

  • Hi-Viz Handrails

    Flannery introduced high visibility handrails and steps to support operators and engineers in gaining safe access to cabs and service points. They encourage three-points of contact and use of the correct steps / footplates.

The UK’s first Hitachi ZX350LC-7 Clamshell Excavator is purpose-designed to be a highly efficient, reliable and durable with easy-to-operate controls for smooth, responsive hydraulics.

There are three work modes to choose from on this ZX350LC-7 Clamshell Excavator – High Productivity (HP), Power (PWR) and Economy (ECO) to give maximum productivity on any job. HP delivers greater power and fast hydraulic response. PWR balances power and speed with fuel economy for normal operation. ECO maximises fuel efficiency while also raising productivity. This means the operator is truly in control of the job in hand.


Upper structure handrails give added safety when servicing the engine and the cab’s unobstructed visibility, including overhead glass and mirrors, makes on-site safety much easier to achieve.


The HIOS III hydraulic system balances engine performance with the hydraulic flow. The hydraulic boost system and enhanced boom recirculation give impressive boom and arm speeds.


The EU Stage V Isuzu engine is fuel-efficient, leads the way in sustainability and meets rigid emissions standards – no diesel particulate filter is needed.

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