A whole host of features combine to make the ZX29U-3 mini-excavator an efficient, robust partner on your jobs – from the powerful, water-cooled Yanmar engine, to the air-conditioning in the cab that helps ensure the operator stays comfortable and focused. Its performance is reliable and nimble – the reinforced undercarriage and short tail swing making it great for tough jobs in confined spaces.


Operation and site safety is paramount in the ZX29U-3, and the ROPS, TOPS and OPG (level 1) cab is world class. The front action, swing, travel and blade action can all be locked when shifting the pilot-control shut-off lever upward to avoid mistakes, and the neutral engine start mechanism means the engine can only start when the pilot control shut-off lever is locked.


To give the operator as comfortable a ride as possible, the ZX29U-3’s cab rests on four shock-absorbing mounts. The efficient engine yields high production rates, and during high-speed traveling the motor speed automatically slows when the load is heavy to maximise stability. Shifts from high to low speed are also smooth to control, for the same reason.


The ZX29U-3’s highly effective Stage III compliant engine with EcoZone helps slash fuel consumption.

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