The JCB 3CX offers ultimate in manoeuvrability, its tight turning circle and switchable steering modes allow it to work in a single carriageway with minimum disruption and maximum productivity.

Flannery Added Value & Options

  • Quick Coupler

    Our quick couplers are designed to facilitate the easy changeover of standard buckets and work tools. The Miller Mate in cab touchscreen provides a step-by-step process for the operator and combines with the Coupler Alert Safety System (CASS). CASS is an audio and visual alert, which ensures that the excavator operator and ground personnel are fully aware that attachment changeover is occurring.

  • Green Beacon

    Flannery visual seat belt engagement green beacons are hard wired and also act as a secondary dead-man device so that the machine will not operate if the seat belt has not been fastened.

  • White Noise Movement Alarm

    The white sound emitted is directional and therefore instantly locatable, enabling pedestrians to work out exactly which vehicle is moving and in which direction, allowing them to move to safety.

When it comes to road resurfacing, versatility and speed with minimal disruption are paramount. The new 3CX compact can travel quickly around site. It can turn and work in a single carriageway and even drive over fresh asphalt it is the perfect machine for road resurfacing.


LED Work lights (two front and four rear) give you daylight working conditions at night. The dipper mounted work light gives direct light to the working area.


The 3CX is not only designed for the vast range of backhoe loader attachments. It also has the ability to pick up a wide range of skid steer loader attachments. Bi-directional Pipework and a handheld tool circuit provide even greater versatility.


JCB EcoRoad technology is designed to provide the highest efficiency and productivity levels possible when roading. Featuring JCB’s patented TorqueLock technology (the world’s first lock-up torque converter fitted to a backhoe loader), EcoRoad actually reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% whilst increasing speed by up to 10%, and working area by up to 10% (when compared to older models).

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