With a fully ROPS & FOPS compliant cab, this machine also offers excellent visibility for the operator. Our telehandler fleet is equipped with a green beacon linked to the operator seat belt which is hardwired, acting as a secondary deadman device.


Both internal and external noise has reduced significantly, allowing for improved site communication. The innovative Adaptive Load Control system automatically prevents the 525-60E from tipping forwards during heavy load handling. The 24kWh battery powers a full day on a single charge. This telehandler gets the same high performance as a conventional machine with powerful lithium-ion technology, lending itself to a range of benefits including reduced charging times and notable savings in maintenance.


With zero CO2 and NOx emissions, this fully electric telehandler is ideal for use indoors, in urban and air quality sensitive environments. Unlike standard wet cell batteries, lithium batteries can be opportunity charged without any damage or life reduction to the battery. The fast-charging system means the batteries can be topped up at break times or at convenient intervals throughout the day, minimising downtime.

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