A 535-140 has a phenomenal three-quarter view thanks to a boom height that’s been reduced by 235mm. Innovative construction techniques and material choices have reduced this telescopic handler’s overall boom section size by 13%. That adds up to a 10% increase in all-round visibility for fast, easy operation.


All daily checks and greasing can be carried out at ground level; engine oil, hydraulic and fuel filters are centrally located for convenience. The air filter is also easily accessible, and easy to clean.


A very manoeuvrable telehandler; the compact wheelbase, large steering lock angles, combination of individual hydraulic wheel motors, and three selectable steer modes save you valuable travel time on site.A JCB 535-140 is fitted with a tough inverted U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates. For extra strength we limit the number of joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.


JCB’s SmoothRide System (SRS) cushions shocks from the boom, increasing operator comfort (and therefore productivity) when travelling at speed on the road or on uneven surfaces. A parallel lift provides excellent load retention, while good ground clearance, four-wheel-drive and a hydrostatic transmission aid efficiency still further.

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