Robust structural strength and great reliability make the SK140 great for heavy workloads and challenging site conditions. The comfortable, spacious cab environment promotes the wellbeing and productivity of the operator, and the clean hydraulic filtration system prolongs the efficient operation of the boom and stick. Daily maintenance is made easy with simple access, and advanced telematics help monitor machine status and productivity.


The ROPS and TOPS compliant cab provides expanded field of vision to provide greater safety on site and is designed to maximise operator comfort. Rear view and side view cameras add to the all-round visibility and safe operation.


Kobelco’s hydraulic system design uses line and valve positioning to reduce friction loss and pressure drops and drive maximum power to the ground.


The Stage IV Final emissions standard engine has three power modes to choose from to help maximise the fuel efficiency of the machine. The Auto Idle Stop feature eliminates wasteful idling during standby and the optimised hydraulic functionality reduces energy loss. It also has an SCR device to cut emissions without having to use a particulate filter.

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