To maximise productivity there are five working modes on the PC118MR-8 designed to match engine speed, pump delivery and system pressure. Combined with the advanced hydraulic system these give the machine impressive productivity levels and relatively low fuel consumption. Perfect for tight spaces, the PC118MR-8 also remains balanced on slopes and difficult terrain. It is nimble adaptable, strong and efficient.


Designed to absorb shock and keep the operator both safe and comfortable, the cab is ROPS compliant and provides maximum protection in case of roll-over. This machine can also be fitted with a height and slew restrictor if required.


Advanced telematics capability allow the operator to track and analyse machine status, location and productivity, and make decisions to further improve fuel efficiency.


Fitted with an ECO T3 engine, the PC118MR-8 meets EU Stage IIIA regulations and benefits from the addition of an advanced hydraulic system. Massively reduced NOx emissions and low noise levels make this machine perfect for busy, urban areas.

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