For the largest construction projects, the A60 is a proven performer enabling clients to improve efficiency and lower their production costs. The Volvo A60 is a pioneer in the 60 tonne articulated dump truck sector. Providing the versatility of an articulate dump truck with fantastic capacity. Enabling performance across all terrains and applications.


A60H is fitted with active hydraulic front suspension – permitting high hauling speeds in tough conditions. This optimizes operator comfort and stability during travel. Move more material in a shorter time for unmatched productivity.


Utilise the onboard weighing system to guarantee the optimal load every cycle. This maximizes production, boosts fuel efficiency and reduces machine wear in all site conditions and operations. Increased operational efficiency leads to a lower fuel consumption per tonne of material moved reducing consumption and emissions across the project.


Excellent visibility and efficient lighting combined with safety features such as brake test and dump support improve machine and operator safety. All hand and guide rails are high visibility to encourage safe access to the machine.

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