This compact excavator has zero exhaust emissions, and compared with its conventional counterparts, has significantly lower noise levels, reduced energy costs, improved efficiency and fewer maintenance requirements.


This machine features a zero-tail swing radius design making it perfect and safe to confidently work in confined spaces. The substantial reduction of noise, vibration and heat ensured safety and long-lasting productivity on site. Our mini excavator fleet is equipped with a green beacon linked to the operator seat belt which is hardwired, acting as a secondary deadman device.


The lower noise levels that ECR25 offers enable you to work anytime, anywhere. This can lessen the disturbance inner-city work can cause and reduce congestion at peak times, all the while increasing your efficiency. The machine has the precise and responsive hydraulic system required when such accuracy is key, meaning it can do the same job as a diesel machine but without leaving a trace. With the fast-charge options, the ECR25 can be at 80% power within one hour.


The noticeable lack of exhaust, that removes the associated fumes and minimises the dust. Thanks to zero emissions, the need for costly fumes extraction systems is eliminated in indoor jobs, such as basement groundworks and building demolition. The machine offers low electricity cost and requires no power consumption when the machine is not working.

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