The EW100 is an industry leader with an increased power output, low fuel consumption and particularly user-friendly features. Minimized fuel consumption with savings of up to 20 percent is achieved through the new ECO operating mode, which allows for efficient work by reducing the rpm’s and by adapting the pump.


Fitted with boom check valves and the latest miller mate CASS quick hitch system this impressive product from Wacker Neuson ensures a maximum level for site safety, but to take it a step further we can also install height and slew restrictors.


In comparison to the previous model the EW100 now achieves a top speed of 30km/h, it also boasts +15% power output, -20% fuel consumption and +30% tractive force. It also features the new jog dual system to help the operator select the perfect working mode, Eco mode for efficient fuel saving work, Hi Mode for maximum pump capacity and powerful work and Low mode for precision work.


Environmentally friendly and economic in consumption thanks to its exhaust emission stage 3B and nearly 20% less fuel consumption makes it the perfect tool. Three operating modes are also available to ensure maximum productivity with as little impact to the environment as possible, this machine can also come installed with biodegradable oils.

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