The EW65 can drive itself to the site of an application thanks to the installed street driving mode and may not require a time and cost-intensive transportation service. The variable drive system of up to 20km/h has a reduced fuel consumption of up to 20% and has increased travel speed of 10%, It also boasts compact dimensions to work in the tightest of areas to make it an all-round workhorse.


With LED headlights for optimal illumination, a rear-view camera for increased visibility whilst reversing, boom and dipper check valves and the miller mate CASS quick hitch systems, coupled with our green beacon dead man system this product is one of the safest on the market.


The powerful load-sensing hydraulic system with LUDV (load-independent flow control) also provides for the same speeds of several movements with different loads. Innovative solution for the optimal view with the boom to the right of the cab, increased operator comfort with a spacious cab, air cushioned seat, automatic air-conditioning system and combining with a tilt cab for easy access servicing this EW65 is the complete product.


With a Stage 4 final stage engine this efficient product provides the construction industry with reassurance that we are being as green and sustainable as possible, reducing fuel consumption and emissions are key in any sector and this is something Wacker Neuson are leading the way on.

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