Discuss Data – Efficiency and Telematics

We are all increasingly aware that we live in a data-driven world and the plant hire sector is no different. Where once decisions were made on perception or historical experience the typical plant manager is now equipped with a range of machine performance parameters which Flannery has worked hard to consolidate and present in single, consistent and regular format capturing data from all machine types and sources.

Increasingly clients are requesting this data be automatically transferred into their own in-house systems which of course is completely possible upon request.

Eco Operator Training Course

The machine alone will not deliver on our drive to be better, less reliant on natural resources and proactively manage our peoples’ time. Utilising data and translating that to our people so they can understand how to evolve behaviours will help Flannery and its clients realise a demonstrable improvement in fuel burn, idle times, CO2/NOX/particulate emissions.

Digital Construction

Just as data has come to the fore so now clients are becoming more aware of the cost and time savings that machine control can deliver. Whilst there is no substitute for a highly skilled and experienced operator, there are huge time advantages in equipping him or her with the technology to enable them to make a single pass/cut to complete their task. Trials have shown that tasks can be performed anywhere up to 40% faster using machine control verses relying on hand-eye coordination alone. For more information on our Digital Construction offering click here.

Hybrid Excavator Fleet

Flannery have operated the largest UK fleet of Hybrid excavators since deciding to invest hea

vily back in 2012 for the London Olympics. Since then, that investment continues to grow as the evo

lution of the technology continues. Today, fuel savings range between 20-35% depending on type/model in comparison to their modern day non hybrid equivalents. See our case study or video for further information.

Hybrid Vehicle Fleet

Flannery has committed to reducing the overall miles it travels as a correlation to turnover. Increasingly, alternative methods are being utilised by the industry including the use of digital platforms for meetings and training sessions. Where this is not possible Flannery is transitioning its fleet from the traditional combustion engine to one that focuses on all-electric and hybrid technology and has pledged that more than 80% of the vehicles it uses will of this type by 2022. Flannery is proud to say that its fleet is already more than half compliant.

Auto-idle on Delivery Vehicles

Innovation at Flannery not only takes place within our plant fleet but also the vehicles we utilise to support our clients. Most significantly this has involved the review and upgrade of our haulage fleet to ensure Flannery can continue to operate one of the most modern, innovative and fuel-efficient fleets on roads today.

All trucks are now Euro 6 Compliant and benefit from sophisticated telematics which is deployed to focus on driver behaviour, route planning and truck diagnostics. This ensures Flannery truck drivers are some of the best equipped in the industry.

Further advancements have been made to the trucks equipping them with auto-idle technology deliver substantial fuel and environmental savings as well as reducing noise (through engine shut-down) within the communities that we serve.

  • 4% fuel saving month on month

For more details on Flannery transport visit here.

Cleaner Fuel

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils) fuel delivers a sustainable option for many users of traditional diesel and can even reduce operational difficulties to that of traditional diesel by lowering the risk of contamination when used as a back-up fuel.

This fuel reduces carbon output in excess of 93%, together with a reduction in NOx and particulate matter as well as near-zero sulphur. It can also deliver fuel efficiency increases by as much as 7% since HVO fuel has a higher calorific content/ amount of energy.

Flannery are happy to support you with any future trials you wish to run with alternative fuels.

Read more about the alternative fuel in our environmental brochure here.