Our new CAT excavators have some fantastic safety features, these great videos from Caterpillar explain how to use E-Fence that is designed to limit machine movements to pre-defined zones, helping to protect people and plant.

E-fence is a simple feature which lets you create invisible electronic boundaries over, under and around your excavator. If any part of your machine breaches the boundaries, motion stops—protecting people and property. Discover how e-fence can help you reduce risk in the following videos.


Check out this simple process for activating the e-fence floor feature. It creates a lower boundary that the bucket is not allowed to breach, helping the operator avoid contact with structures and objects located at or beneath ground level.


See how easy it is to use the e-fence wall feature. It sets an impenetrable boundary in front of the excavator, limiting the reach to prevent contact between the machine and any object or structure located in front of it.


Use this feature to activate an invisible barrier around the cab. It prevents the bucket or other attachment from contacting the cab, which protects the operator from impact and reduces the risk of equipment damage.


Discover how this feature improves safety when working near traffic or in congested areas. Just use the monitor to set maximum swing angles to the left and right of the machine. When those angles are reached, motion stops, preventing contact between the excavator and nearby obstacles.


Learn how the e-fence ceiling feature helps operators avoid powerlines and other overhead obstacles. It’s simple to set a height limit for the boom using the in-cab monitor. If that limit is reached, boom movement will stop automatically so accidents can be avoided.