Flannery Plant Hire continue with their focus on safety, now showcasing the latest technology from Leica Geosystems and XWatch Safety Solutions, a dynamic 3D Avoidance system that ensures all hazards on site are effectively mapped and avoided.

There have historically been a number of hazards that the industry has faced when using plant on site, and these obstructions aren’t always visible. In the UK alone, there are over 4 million kilometres of underground pipes and cables. Due to the data of where these are being hard to access, there are currently nearly 60,000 accidental strikes of these occur each year. These incidents can cause a risk to the safety of on-site personnel and machine operators, as well as causing delays that then impact project time and budget. In fact, incidents such as this are costing the UK economy around £2.4billion annually.

Read more about the latest in smart technology that’s changing safety rules on site in the below case study.