We are constantly challenging  how we deliver our services and invest in innovation to create additional value. This means we are continually pushing our performance forward and evolving the service we offer our client base.

Our investment in innovative services and products ensures we stay at the forefront of the plant hire industry and deliver clients the best solutions in terms of safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Repeatable, scalable innovation

Our business-wide focus on innovation and technical capability, accelerate our ability to develop and implement innovations, amplifying insights and sharing them across our business and customer base to maximise the benefits achieved.


We focus on working alongside our customer base and partners and ensure our teams  are encouraged and equipped to collaborate, innovate and make a difference with new ideas and improvements. Using the expertise and experience of specialists across the sector, the capabilities across our business, and the opportunity to work closely with clients, partners, suppliers and wider stakeholders. We focus on delivering more through integrated solutions.

Why not take a look at our case study on Compaction Monitoring to find out more about how we trial innovative working methods.

Digital Engineering

Our digital technology focus supports information sharing and innovation, enabling us to be more efficient, data-driven and nimble. With digital engineering providing exciting opportunities to advance the way projects are designed and delivered, our people are at the forefront of integrating the latest technology on our projects. This includes technology like GPS machine guidance control and the advanced use of machine telematics to support remote management and efficient machine operation. For more information on our digital capabilities and machine control technology solutions click here.

Safety Focused Innovation

We focus on making tasks safer or simpler and providing more value by evaluating new technical solutions, methods and processes. We also embed safety into all activities safeguarding the people who will operate and work alongside our equipment.

This has included becoming the first UK plant hirer to mandate inclinometers on all dumptrucks to reduce the risk relating to skip turnovers. Also providing QR codes on all machines linked to training videos to provide operators with guidance and support when operating technologies such as slew and height restrictors, machine guidance and control systems, and safe load indicators. In addition to offering support related to wellbeing and health for all Flannery team members.

Managing the People-Plant Interface

From technology like the FHOSS Red Zone safety system or Safety Shields People Detection to proximity sensors and radar braking we are constantly assessing the technology available and trialling it to help minimise the risk of the people-plant interface.

Sustainability Focused Innovation

As a leading partner in the Supply chain sustainability school, we have concentrating on introducing technology which can improve equipment efficiency and reduce emissions.  This has included working collaboratively with clients to explore and analyse machine performance data enabling utilising our bespoke telematics program. This helps us to identify opportunities for improving site and operator performance. We are then able to provide additional training through the use of plant simulators to develop and reward positive behaviour leading to better productivity and a lower carbon cost for the project.

Our training department have developed operator environmental training and awareness courses to promote better use of machines. This in turn helps customers to reduce fuel consumption and on-site emissions. 

Driving behavioural change is key to us meeting the objectives set out in our sustainability plan, aside from training and technology, investment in the largest fleet of Stage IV and Stage V compliant plant in the UK. Our commitment to hybrid technology extends not just to our hire fleet but also to the wider vehicle fleet which is now 56% hybrid-electric.

Innovation with Us

We believe that collaboration is key to identifying and establishing new technology in our industry. Working with clients and the wider supply chain to support innovation development and adoption is something we feel passionate about. That is why we have recently launched this new section within the website.

Innovate with Us will help us to better manage the test and evaluation process and allow us to take a proactive, encouraging new technology providers to get in touch and work with us to understand what and where this new technology can have the greatest impact.

If you have an innovation or an idea and would like to work with us on bringing it to market, please complete the form below or email us at innovatewithus@flanneryplant.co.uk

To see examples of our most Innovation files click here.