Transport to and from site will be carried out by members of our highly experienced transport team. We are proud to highlight that our lorry drivers are all highly qualified through specific training (CPC certification, Loading and Unloading of Plant, Slinging and Securing). They also have many years of experience in operating and dealing with plant. 

We carry out over 44,000 plant movements in an average year. These are planned and executed using the latest technology and telematics that allow us to: 

  • Plan and execute the most efficient routes
  • Keep our drivers (and customers) up to date with live traffic and travel information
  • Evaluate driver and vehicle performance 

All of which ensures our machines arrive on-site, ready to get to work when our customers need them. 

We are proud to boast that we can offer the following: 

  • Euro 6 compliant fleet 
  • Able to conduct the movement of plant up to 100 Tonne 
  • Fitted with CCTV and side-scan cameras 
  • TFL & HS2 compliant lorries 
  • Hiab lorries 

Advanced Driver Assistance System features:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
  • Parking aids
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Lane assistance (lane departure warnings & lane keep assist systems (LKAS))
  • 360-degree cameras for all-round vision
  • Onboard vehicle weighing systems
  • Speed limiters

We have increased our blind spot vision with truck safety technology features:

  • Driver alerts
  • Blindspot warnings
  • Collision warning systems (CWS)
  • Blindspot cameras
  • Direct vision panels fitted to the passenger door