Continuous Skills Development

Flannery heavily invests in skills and development across the workforce. From new operator training through to senior management training, we continually look to upskill our people to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to carry out their job safely and efficiently. This message is led from the top down. The Flannery approach to training is driven by a company-wide ambition to be the best and lead the plant hire industry with its innovative approach and adoption of technology. Further to this a strong focus on upskilling our workforce drives the businesses claim to the best operators most equipped to deal with the demands of the modern construction site.

Fairness Inclusion and Respect

We are determined to ensure that we provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for our people and clients. We offer an environment free from discrimination, harassment and violence. We recognise that the industry is facing significant skills shortages and it is paramount that we continue to widen the talent pool and attract and retain individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities (BAME), genders, sexualities, cultures etc. In order to achieve diversity and equality, we have fostered a culture of inclusion, understanding and appreciation of differences.

Behavioural Safety

Flannery recognises how desired people behaviours and attitude can contribute to ensuring an effective and safety focused project is delivered. As such, Flannery has implemented an in-house behavioural safety programme called ‘OperateSafe’. Our aim is to ensure that our workforce put safety and well-being first and STOP any activity that could lead to harm to themselves or others. Above anything else, Flannery wants to ensure our workforce maintains a healthy and safe working environment and all can go home safely at the end of the day.

The Flannery 5 behaviours: A Health and Safety First Attitude, Working Effectively, Positive Customer Relationships, Teamwork and Independent Working, Attitude and Discipline

Health and Well-being

Flannery is proud of our occupational health and well-being programme which is available to all teams across the business. Our occupational health practitioners have dedicated facilities at our depots and are accredited to deliver to CBH or SEQOHS standards.

As a supporter of Mates in Mind, our people have access to a range of resources to support them with their mental well-being.  Our in house ‘BuildUp!’ campaign encourages our people to build up the courage to talk and the strength to change.   We have trained mental health first aiders throughout the business and we also offer mental health awareness workshops to our people.

Our occupational health and well-being programme provide the following services to our teams:

  • Safety Critical ‘Fit for Work’ medicals for all operators
  • Health Surveillance monitoring
  • Mental Health support
  • Health and Well-being support and advice
  • Drugs and Alcohol Testing

Supply Chain Sustainability School: People Matter Charter

Organisations across our industry are faced with increasingly complex people challenges, sometimes in their own workforce but also within the wider supply chain.

Whether related to poor diversity practices, a lack of necessary skills, the need for new entrants into the market or combatting exploitation within the supply chain, the reality is that all these issues are linked.

The People Matter Charter was created to help organisations up and down the supply chain to bring these challenges together into one workforce strategy. The Charter has eight commitments that can apply to any organisation, of any size. Flannery are proud signatories to this charter and continue to work with the Supply Chain Sustainability Gold partner within the people focus group. More information can be found here.