Flannery Plant Hire have partnered with Swiss manufacturer BRC to bring the Brextor Pile Head Milling technology to the UK.

As sole license holder for the UK and Ireland, Flannery launched the Brextor in Summer 2022.

Current methods of pile cropping include using items of plant for breaking, fracturing or crushing the concrete. These methods in the
correct application are very effective but not 100% of the time. In extreme cases, the preparation process damages piles and reinforcement.

Brextor, in contrast, mills the concrete rather than introducing breaking forces. Brextor also makes a viable solution where working room is limited – typically in cofferdams.

Brextor, by design, leaves pile reinforcement without deformation, and a surface that is ready for subsequent construction. Importantly, Brextor offers clients the opportunity to radically reduce Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, dust inhalation and musculoskeletal hazards.

At Flannery we recognise the need to have a flexible approach with an ability to overcome challenges quickly, and the way to do this is to have a capability across multiple technologies.

Read more about the Brextor in the below case study, or find out more through watching this informational video.