Commitment to improve the safety on site is an intrinsic part of the Flannery proposition. To meet the growing demands for site safety and maintain a digital approach in the construction sector requires Flannery to deliver the most innovative safety solutions for clients.

The focus for this case study was to demonstrate the benefits of the new Blaxtair Pedestrian Proximity Detection system, which was fitted on a CAT 315F excavator. This system utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI), allied to a smart 3D camera, to recognise pedestrians if they enter a predefined detection zone around a machine.

Working collaboratively with Blaxtair, we aim to significantly mitigate the risk of pedestrian injury at the people/plant interface.

You can hear more from Blaxtair UK Sales Manager Gavin Tull, Sales & Operations Director Xwatch Safety Solutions Dan Leaney and Arnold Prescott, Flannery Operations Director (North) in the following video.