Raising the bar for safety in construction is a constant focus for Flannery. To meet the growing demands for site safety and enhance the working environment requires us to discover the most progressive safety features on-site.

The Flannery team has been working collaboratively with Costain and Site Zone Safety on the National Highways RDP A30 project. As part of this ambitious project, Flannery has delivered a vast range of new plant and equipment which, in support of Costain’s “Be Safe” culture, has been equipped with the new
SiteZone Smart Bubble technology.

The technology raises the safety bar on how to prevent potential PPI accidents on site. In combination with SiteZone Proximity Detection System, this technology provides a total warning solution between the operator and pedestrians on-site in close proximity, with no blind spots.

Read the case study to find out more about the Smart Bubble Innovation in action.