We owe a big thank you to all our clients who took the time to get involved in our customer survey at the end of last year – their comments will help us shape our services moving forward.

Keen to do things a little bit differently, we engaged an agency called Gobby to help us get more than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers to key questions about what we do for our clients.

It was just as important that we find out what we get right as to where we could make improvements, and the seven simple questions we asked were carefully crafted to promote constructive feedback.

Our objective was to create a baseline set of data from which we could develop more accurate decision-making, and to use the insights to drive improvements to our overall customer experience.

And we were delighted with some of the responses we collected!

100% of respondents to the survey reported that they would recommend us, with 82% saying ‘Yes, absolutely’ – a double affirmative.

We were also able to identify some areas for improvement, including providing a wider breadth of fuel options rather than focusing heavily on electric solutions.

Some respondents also felt that our commitment to sustainability and innovation was not entirely clear – something we aim to remedy very soon with the launch of our Digital Machine Solutions division.

There was a strong call for operators to be graded to ensure their skills meet the standards required by our clients. We take this suggestion very seriously and are exploring the best ways to approach the issue through our already careful selection and training processes.

One little anecdote that we were particularly pleased to discover mentioned our readiness to cater for all customer requirements without question, even if the requests were sometimes ‘unusual’.

We were proud to hear that our staff are prepared to go the extra mile for our clients and that they really listen to and understand their needs.

This year we celebrate our 50th year and we’re keen to use the anniversary as an opportunity to look forward as well as back, and shape the future of our business. The results from this survey will go a good way to helping us align with our clients’ needs and continue to provide excellence in the plant hire marketplace for years to come.

Customer Feedback Survey Graph - Flannery Plant Hire

Caption: The questions in our customer were designed to encourage constructive feedback from respondents so that we can use the data to really improve what we do.

A note about Gobby

Gobby provides managed surveys. This means clients are supported from beginning to end through a process of engagement designed to meet organisational and human needs. They go beyond traditional surveys to deliver more by:

  • Encouraging creativity and promoting innovation;
  • Strengthening stakeholder relationships;
  • Evidencing co-created organisational change;
  • Demonstrating meaningful community outcomes.

Their careful, innovative approach to interacting with people is why we chose to work with them when contacting our own clients in this way.