Flannery driver Pharsal Fletchman is in the spotlight this month and has been rewarded for his outstanding performance during an emergency situation. Whilst travelling along the M6 motorway on route to his next delivery, Pharsal responded courageously and efficiently to support an injured member of the public.

David Gibbons (Depot Manager, Manchester) presented Pharsal with his certificate of achievement and welcomed him into the Flannery reward programme.

Here’s an interview with the man himself:

How long have you worked at Flannery?

Four months.

Before Flannery I was working two jobs to support my partner and two children. The second job was very hit and miss as half the time, they would request me to a site – only to let me know I was no longer needed. I was on a zero hour contract which was in both parts unsustainable and incredibly inconvenient, meaning I had a drive around looking for work. This is how I ended up working for Flannery.

What machines do you normally operate?

Pick-up delivery/collecting attachments across the country.

What high profile projects have you been on?

I’ve been on most highways infrastructure projects as well as civil, construction and demolition sites.

How do you feel about receiving the award?

I’m delighted to receive this award it’s totally unexpected. This is the best company I have worked with by far and I hope my future here is as enjoyable as the first four months!