Today we are pleased to bring you our first Q&A with a Flannery Apprentice who is working on one of our very busy plant hirer desks in Wembley. Iveta Tomasevska discovered her love for the construction industry early in her career and found a great fit at Flannery, read her Q&A below.

Celebrating National Apprentice Week is really important to encourage people to #LookBeyond and #GetFiredUp about becoming an apprentice. This week we have been publishing Q&A sessions with some of our apprentices. If you have any questions just get in touch with our training department by emailing

What apprenticeship programme are you currently on and how are you enjoying it so far?

I’m currently registered on the Plant Hire Controller Apprenticeship and I am one of the first candidates on the programme. I am really enjoying my course; I find it very beneficial as we learn things which I wouldn’t come across each day working on the hire desk.

What did you do prior to joining the programme and why did you choose to take this career change?

I worked for a construction firm as a health and safety advisor. I really enjoyed the job, the reason I had a career change was because I wanted to be office based rather than site based but wanted to stay in construction as I love the industry.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Ideally to progress to management level.

How has the programme supported you in your daily work?

I found that the apprenticeship really helped me on my general knowledge of the plant hire industry. Learning the different aspects of the business and how each department works together to provide our customers with a top-class service.

Why did you choose Flannery as your apprentice employer?

As Flannery’s are the number one plant hire firm in the UK and I wanted to train with the best.

Anything else to add?