Today we meet Apprentice Plant Operator, Sam Whitehead.

What has been your favourite machine at the college and why?

I have really enjoyed the plant apprenticeship scheme. Overall, I would say my favourite machine has been the Telehandler. I found my previous experience on forklifts helped me achieve a really good assessment on the practical test. The high tower was scary but after practice I was able to manage the controls and demonstrate a good skill level.

What did you do prior to joining the programme and why did you choose to take this career change?

Before joining Flannery, I was a logistics supervisor on a construction site. I thoroughly enjoyed my role but felt I wanted to have my own trade and skills that I could develop and carve out a career for life.

What are your aspirations for the future? E.g. machine type, type of project, development within Flannery?

My future aspirations are to become a competent, skilled fully trained operator in all fields of plant and equipment. I also want to develop my understanding of different projects and operations. I hope this will enable me to become a plant manager or a lifting supervisor later in my career. I have no limits on how far I want to push myself!

Why did you choose Flannery as your apprentice employer?

I chose Flannery because they have an amazing apprenticeship scheme. They are a very successful company and it is evident that they are keen to develop their people and build their relationships with their customer base. I am confident that I have chosen the best company to progress me through my journey and so far, I couldn’t be happier.