Flannery Plant Hire continue to work closely with the Supply Chain Sustainability School as the School Plant Charter reaches 12 signatories and launches a new version of the minimum standards.

Together, we’re leading innovations for the construction industry in the UK to reduce emissions on-site and improve the air quality, resulting in healthier environments that positively impacts both the health of those working on and living around these sites, but also the health and future of the planet. Our aim is for sites across the country to reach a net zero goal by 2040.

With this in mind, Flannery worked with the School to develop the Plant Commitment Charter – which aims to spread the message of this approach and train the sector on how best to make these changes. Each company within the charter pledges to work toward four commitments:

  • Measuring and Reporting
  • Engagement
  • Training and Education
  • Innovation

These elements will work together to contribute to the end goal of a cleaner working environment.

Strategic Manager at Flannery Plant Hire, Chris Matthew, commented:

“The Flannery family and board members understand and accept our collective responsibility to lower emissions across all business activities. Flannery have proudly championed the Plant Charter and through that, the aims and objectives that have evolved over these past years. In order to protect and cultivate the industry that we serve and the communities that live and work alongside us, it is essential that we continue to work together collectively to drive better standards, education and behaviours designed to deliver measurable improvements on our construction sites nationwide. Flannery looks forward to continuing this journey alongside fellow partners and associates of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.”

With 12 organisations now having signed up, the Charter is showing its value across the industry and that companies are ready to commit to reducing greenhouse emissions and any negative impact caused by construction plant and equipment. Both the Minimum Standards V2.1 and the original Minimum Standards V1, launched in 2019, are available to view now.

Plant Charter

It’s free to sign up to the Plant Commitment Charter – to find out more and sign up, visit the Supply Chain Sustainability School page.