Since April 2023, Area West has been identifying three plant operators per month that have shown commitment to reducing idling.

All operators that reach idling statistics below the SCS 35% target and have demonstrated commitment to idling reduction can be considered for this award.

In recent years Flannery have placed huge importance on reducing Idle times. Working alongside MachineMax has provided us with access to constant new data insights. This data allows us to analyse our fleets Telematic data to identify key idling times and operator behaviours. This information can be used to retrain/upskill operators in areas necessary to reduce their overall idling time. It is incredible to see effort and the results from our operators so far!

We are delighted to announce that six Flannery operators have received the SCS Area West award since its introduction in April. Congratulations on an impressive achievement.

Flannery SCS Anti Idling Award
April 2023 – Copthall South.

  • John O’Connor, RD18287- Flannery reduced idling by 4%, maintained an idling rate of just 8% in April, significantly lower than 35% target.

April 2023 – Copthall North.

  • Ciprian Cerce,l DT30T120 Flannery – reduced idling by 53%, maintained idling below 35% target in April.
  • Denis O’Donavan, EX40T85 Flannery – reduced idling by 24%, maintained idling below 35% target in April.

May 2023:

  • Micheal Osifeso, DT30T151 Flannery – reduced idling by 16% between April/May idling (34%) was below 35% target.

June 2023 – Copthall North.

  • Teresa Ziaja, DT30T121 Flannery. Reduced idling by 22% between May/June. June idling (18%) was significantly below 35% target.

July 2023 – Copthall North.

  • Thomas Southaam, EX40T93 Reduced idling by 28% between June/July. July idling (12%) was significantly below 35% target. 124.7 hours on time with 14.9 hours idling.