The Operator Skills Hub has now firmly established itself as the UK’s leading provider of plant and construction related training. So now we’re expanding…

The Skills Hub already offers an innovative, purpose-built outdoor training area at its Birmingham location. This includes a simulator zone, consisting of four Tenstar consoles, the leading supplier of construction simulators. These consoles provide a safe and sustainable alternative for machine training, creating a low-pressure environment for operators and budding workers to learn crucial new skills for construction sites that are becoming more and more digitally enabled.

However, the Skills Hub weren’t happy with only offering this as a training solution in Birmingham, and wanted to make this option accessible for potential operators across the country. With this in mind, they developed a plan designed specifically by the dedicated training team.

Introducing the Training HGV Fleet! 

Training Trailer - EKFB

We’ve now launched two HGV trailers, fully equipped with Tenstar training simulators that enable the Operator Skills Hub to take what they know and spread it across the country. In partnership with EKFB, the Skills Hub has launched a second trailer with the same aim, with both trailers beginning to attend safety and educational events across the country.

This is just the beginning of the latest developments the Operator Skills Hub has to offer, the team aren’t about to rest on their laurels after their recent award win and will keep striving to provide the best training for apprentices, qualified operators and managers in a safe environment.

Keep an eye out for these trailers at events near you, as you can see – the simulators provide a lot of fun for those who have already been inside!