Flannery Plant Hire recently took Awesome Earthmovers magazine to the HS2 Victoria Road Box site to showcase the Hitatchi ZX350LC-6 CTA shaft sinking excavators in action.

The construction of the HS2 project, a high-speed railway being constructed between London and the West Midlands, is one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in the UK. One of the critical aspects of the HS2 project is the Victoria Road Crossover Box, located near Old Oak Common in West London. The box will enable high-speed trains to switch between tracks and access the new Old Oak Common station, making the operation of the HS2 line more efficient and reducing journey times between London, Birmingham, and other major cities in the UK.

The construction of the Victoria Road Crossover Box is a complex engineering project that requires careful planning and execution to ensure its successful completion. The box will be 130m in length and 24m deep, with 1.5m thick walls constructed using the diaphragm piling method. The base slab of the box will be supported by 77 piles that are being installed 20m into the ground below the slab level.

To find out more, watch the video below and read the full article on Awesome Earthmovers (pages 35-39)