The 315F L is a stable, compact machine capable of excellent dig, swing, and dump applications in a space just 3.8m wide. Its EU Stage IV emissions standard engine is efficient and powerful, backed up by the equally effective flow control hydraulic system. Built to endure demanding applications, extreme temperatures ad high altitudes, the 315F L is both a reliable and agile excavator.


The 315F L’s cab is ROPS certified and provides the operator with excellent visibility, including an inbuilt 360-view camera and mirrors to help manage site safety.


Save energy and improve fuel efficiency with the boom and stick oil regeneration feature. It lowers operating costs, increases productivity and improves controllability.


With its Cat 4.4 ACERT engine that is designed to EU Stage IV emissions standards, and its two power modes – eco and high power, the 315F L meets all the sustainability criteria needed on today’s sites. It can even run on biodiesel up to B20.

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